Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Main Street Chic

I got the photo itch today and found out that there was a fashion show this evening in downtown Starkville. I have never covered a fashion show before, so I figured I should go for it. The Mississippi State Fashion Board held the event at the State Theatre. Enjoy...

roop_20110302_MSUFashionShow  11

roop_20110302_MSUFashionShow  13

roop_20110302_MSUFashionShow  14

roop_20110302_MSUFashionShow  15

roop_20110302_MSUFashionShow  16

roop_20110302_MSUFashionShow  18

roop_20110302_MSUFashionShow  19

roop_20110302_MSUFashionShow  20