Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The 7D

I recently purchased a refurbished Canon EOS 7D, which is expected to replace my Canon EOS 40D. I did some brief testing so far and it appears to be a solid camera. So far, the images are pretty good and the video at 1080p (30fps) is excellent. The only issues I have run into so far is hearing a "hissing" noise when I record audio with my shotgun mic. After reading some message boards, apparently its due to the camera's sound processing that amplifies the external mic signal. This seems to occur a lot in the Canon DSLRs. In Final Cut Express, I was able to tone down the hissing by dropping the audio levels ~ 10 dB. I hope to grab some more pics in the coming days, but this is the best I have so far...


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  1. That dog is adorable. I'm trying to get my dad to buy me a 7D for graduation, but they are so pricey... Did you get the refurbished 7D from B&H?